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MiBiome™ is an innovative topical suspension for external use only. MiBiome™ is a probiotic for the skin which rebalances the dermal microbiome allowing the “good” bacteria to fight the “bad” bacteria.

MiBiome™ was tested clinically on mild to moderate psoriasis vulgaris and shown to be effective in over 80{2c75e31cb6fa052cb2d5c9f4649114e624983c3f2773f80f03e47d09bf6636f7} of cases.

Hundreds of testimonials from patients and physicians attest to the effectiveness of MiBiome™ in improving the quality of dry, red and scaly skin of psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis sufferers.

DISCLAIMER: MiBiome™ is cosmetic product and NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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1. Shake the bottle WELL before each use. The product should feel gritty (soft probiotic granules within the oil) when applied.
2. Apply MiBiome™ to clean, dry skin.
3. MiBiome™ should be applied at least twice daily, morning and evening. Apply a sufficient amount to affected skin areas and massage gently.
4. Wait a few minutes (2-5 min) before covering target skin areas with clothing.
     A few minutes of sun exposure to direct sunlight (not through a window) may be beneficial.
5. MiBiome™ is an all natural product – it may be used more than twice daily, if needed.
6. For best outcome use MiBiome™ as directed for 60 days.

DO NOT apply MiBiome™ to open wounds!

Yes, MiBiome™ should only be applied to clean, dry skin.

You may apply MiBiome™ as often as you like. We recommend at least two applications daily, morning and evening.  MiBiome™ is an all natural, cosmetic product.

MiBiome™ should be used for at least 60 days, or for as long as needed to reach the desired results.

MiBiome™ is currently available  in 30ml (1 oz) and 50ml (1.7 oz)  glass bottles.

This depends on the body surface area over which you apply MiBiome™, and on number of applications during the day.  Generally speaking, 30ml (1 oz) bottle is recommended for small areas only.

This depends on the body surface of the affected area.  When applied sparingly, as directed, a 50 ml bottle should last for about 4 weeks on a limited area e.g., elbows and knees.

MiBiome™ loves a bit of sunshine.  We recommend 2-5 minutes of exposure to moderate sunlight before applying MiBiome™ to the skin.

You can use MiBiome™ after tanning or after phototherapy (light therapy) sessions.

Case studies have shown that applying MiBiome™ following phototherapy sessions has been very effective, even for stubborn skin.

NO! DO NOT apply MiBiome™ on open wounds.

For external use only.
Use only as directed.
Do not swallow.
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not apply if there is a known sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Stop using the product if any allergic reaction or discomfort develops.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a heath professional before use.

DO NOT use if container is damaged.

DO NOT apply MiBiome™ to open wounds!


Store MiBiome™ cool, dry and dark conditions.

DO NOT keep in bathroom.
DO NOT keep in refrigerator.

MiBiome™ should be discarded after the expiry date indicated on the package, or 6 months after opening, whichever is SOONER.

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Refund cannot be provided after the purchase of products.

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